When Sharpen Finnished

Olof Hellstrom - Sun, Nov 13, 16

Identifying a Finished Blade

Being able to identify a finished blade is very helpful, especially if you have not kept up the proper timeline for sharpening, or if you are using the ProSharp HOME machine for the first time. A finished blade will not only have a nice sliver shine, but will also have an even radius along the length of the blade.


To identify a finished blade, sharpen your blade on the ProSharp HOME and follow up with a honing process (see other slides for instructions). Once you have completed these processes, hold your skate or steel bottom side up and look down the length of the blade. A finished blade will have an even radius along the entire length, which is identified by an even silver shine from heel to toe. If you can see a darker grey stripe on either side of the radius, apply one more pass on the Prosharp Home until this darker grey stripe has turned into the even silver shine.


To identify a finished edge along the side of the blade, complete the honing process and softly run your fingers on either side of the blade. If your fingers feel a smooth edge with no burrs of knicks, your blade is finished and ready to perform.

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