Prosharp helps Vancouver's Elias Pettersson to find the perfect blade profile


Elias Pettersson’s youth club, Ånge IK, partners with skate sharpening and profiling company Prosharp.
Ånge IK’s home arena, Kastbergshallen, will become a Prosharp profiling test center in the upcoming years.
A partnership where Vancouver’s Elias Pettersson will help his youth club by promoting the test center and Prosharp Profiling. The Calder Trophy winner will also get unlimited help from the Prosharp team in finding the best blade profile for him through the Prosharp Profiling system.

“My commitment to my youth club’s unique partnership will help me reach my full skating potential. Prosharp’s knowledge and experience on profiling is unique in the world and thanks to this partnership I will get an edge against my opponents”, says Elias Pettersson.

Prosharp hopes that Pettersson’s involvement will highlight the importance of blade profiling. With this partnership, Prosharp will receive profile feedback and test results from one the top skaters in the world.

“Players on all levels should get their skates profiled and with this partnership we hope that we’ll get that message out. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a star player in the NHL; you need to profile your skates to get the most out of your skating”, says Magnus Eriksson, CEO at Prosharp.

All the proceeds from the partnership between Prosharp and Ånge IK will go to the club.

“Elias wanted to give back to his youth club and we’re very happy for that”, says Torbjörn Pettersson, chairman at Ånge IK and also the father of Elias.

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Prosharp has its HQ in Sundsvall, Sweden, and sales offices in Worcester, USA, and Calgary and Toronto, Canada. Prosharp is a family owned business that started in a garage just outside Sundsvall in 1984. The first version of the sharpening and profiling machine AS 2001 was released in 1986. The AS 2001-models has made the company World leading in blade profiling and automatic sharpening machines.