To Know About Sharpening - Before

Olof Hellstrom - Sun, Nov 13, 16

Which Hollow/Rocker should I have

The Prosharp Home machine offers 6 different radius wheels, each with a unique performance. The offered radii are 3/8, 5/8, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and full inch 1/1. With 3/8 supplying the most grip and least glide, the full inch offers the least grip and most glide.


3/8 radius is the deepest hollow, meaning that your blades will dig deeper into the ice. This dig will supply a greater amount of grip for starting power and tight turns, yet it sacrifices glide as the increased grip digs into the ice and reduces the gliding capability. Full inch 1/1 is the opposite, as it has the shallowest hollow and provides the most glide and least grip, for it does not dig in as hard. The weight on the blade (supplied by the size of the player) also effects performance, as a heavier player will dig deeper into the ice. Being able to utilize a radius as close to 1/1 as possible is superior, for having increased glide will conserve energy. Test out as many different radii as possible, as this will help identify what radius best suits each player.



When you have a brand new skate and/or blade

This will take a couple of more passes (about 5) before the whole blade are proper sharped. It will maybe sound little other because in this process you tailor your edge. You can also check your angle before to know if it are leveled or not before you start.


CCM Holder Set Up

When sharpening CCM steel independently or attached to a CCM holder, one must adjust the clamp process for best results. The CCM steel and holder is naturally built with a greater round on the toe end of the steel, and best results come from an even sharpening along the entire length of the blade.


To complete a perfect sharpening, place the CCM steel or CCM skate fully into the clamp area and tighten lightly. After this you should still be able to manipulate the steel slightly. Tilt the steel forward until the toe is just above flat on the clamp, and then tighten until snug. After this is complete, run the sharpening process as normal by simply clicking start. This will allow the sharpening wheel to run fully along the blade and complete a perfect finished edge.

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