Olof Hellstrom - Sun, Nov 13, 16

Cleaning your ProSharp HOME machine is important to maintain the machines performance. The Prosharp Home machine is engineered to collect the majority of steel shavings, and will collect them inside the compartment found behind the Prosharp Home door.


Once you have opened the door flap, you will find that after multiple sharpenings the machine will have collected a small layer of dust shavings. There are several easy ways to remove this dust in a healthy manner. Depending on the amount of shavings that have been collected, you may either wipe out the dust with a damp or dry rag, blow the dust out with compressed air in a well ventilated or open environment, or vacuum the dust out with any home vacuum.


Making sure to clean your ProSharp HOME machine will not only maintain the cleanliness of your machine, but will improve the machines performance as well as extend the longevity of operation. 

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