ProSharp Profiling for Who?

Olof Hellstrom - Wed, Aug 31, 16

ProSharp have Profiled skates since 1984 and many organisation (National Federations and highest league include that highest league in North America)  have the last year asked us to come and informed what a specified profile can give their players.

Long story short

When you start skateting will a long radius give you a great support and make its much easier to take your stride and feel good balance.

During your skate developing you can change your profile with your skills. ProSharp can provide you with up to 4 different radius under same runner which will support all activities on ice.

Why sharpen skates?
In order to get good grip and balance on the ice, you need to sharpen your skates with a good edge and surface. Sharpen skates as often as possible to perform at your best.

What is radius of hollow?
The radius of hollow is the cut in the steel to get a sharp edge.  It allows you to start and stop quickly. The radius of hollow can be in different radii's and different for each skater.

What is a profile?
A profile is a type off radius that you make on the blade to get the right glide surface. It makes you more balanced on the ice and helps you make fast turns, start, and stops. With a profile on your skates you will have the same type of grip, even when you lean forward to accelerate or lean backwards to make a turn.

What hollow is the best for you?
To calculate your hollow you take you body weight parts PI(3.14). Example 80 kg/3.14=25.47 round of to 25, you now have your hollow.

What profile is the best for you?
To calculate your profile, you take your body weight parts PI(3.14) x 2 (3.14x2=6.28). Example 80 kg/6.28=12.73 round of to 13, you now have your profile in feet or 3.88 meters.


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