ProSharp HOME - Unboxing

Olof Hellstrom - Sun, Nov 13, 16

Ready to use your ProSharp HOME in a few minutes, just follow a few simple steps.


  • Remove your ProSharp HOME from its box, and check that all parts are supplied and intact
  • Attach the power cord to the machine by gently placing the round-pronged end into the negative receiver next to the power switch. The flat end of the rubber should be facing the power switch
  • Plugging your power cord into any wall outlet
  • Flip the power switch on, and you will hear a beep followed by the setting of the wheel
  • Clamp your skate with the toe to left
  • Press the button and the sharpening process start


After these few simple steps, your ProSharp HOME machine is ready for use and will supply your edges with a Consistently Superior Sharpening. We recommend to sharp after every time you been on ice to have the same conditions every time. Don’t forgot to Hone your skate after every sharpening.


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